Residential Property

This may include a formal RICS Valuation for Help to Buy and Shared Ownership purposes.

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What is a Residential Property Valuation?

This is a valuation supplied by a RICS Regulated Firm and performed by a RICS Qualified individual. The process involved is much more in-depth than an informal valuation supplied by an unqualified company or individual.

It will be based on factual evidence gathered by the surveyor and depending on the requesting body sometimes this can be supplied within the valuation report. The report supplied will generally also include a variety of other information concerning the subject property including, location details and any particular risks associated, tenure, size and much more.

Certain organisations who may requested that you have a report on your property have very specific requirements as to the content and criteria of the report. We understand this and the correct report to suit you or the requesting body will always be prepared.

When might I need a RICS Residential Property Valuation?

There are a variety of reasons you may need a formal RICS Valuation which include – Help to Buy redemption, a shared ownership valuation or a legal valuation for estate or divorce purposes.
We understand that sometimes time maybe a factor so all of our reports for whatever purpose are supplied in a prompt and profession manner.

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